Prof. Xu Tianfu, Dean of CNEE, the project leader, held coordination meeting of “Hot Dry Rock Energy Acquisition and Utilization Key Scientific Research” in Beijing on December 21st ,2019, in order to summarize the outcomes.

The meeting was presided over by Prof. Xu. Firstly, five sub-project leaders gave detailed presentations on research progress and landmark achievements in 2019 as well as the research plans of next year. Then, participating experts discussed on the problems existing in the implementation of sub-projects, especially in data sharing and monograph publishing, etc. In the end, Prof. Xu summarized the progress of the project in 2019, fully affirmed the achievements of each sub-project, and gave suggestions for the future direction.

The successful holding of this coordination meeting demonstrated the advantages and specialists of the team led by Jilin University in the development and exploration of hot dry rock resources, which is of great significance to improve the research level of hot dry rock resources in China.